About Us

It started with a wish: to offer pure, fresh, environmentally friendly water. Paulina and Robert Hahmann, who founded Nordaq FRESH, made the wish come true with the launch of their new patented filtration system, created by Paulina’s father Paul Koos, which produces a clean, great tasting and healthy water.

Tests showed that Nordaq FRESH water had an exceptional taste, and Paulina and Robert understood that their product had great potential in the world’s best restaurants and luxury hotels.

Whilst dining at one of Nordaq FRESH’s very first restaurant clients, Per Hermansson, sensorial analyst at the V&S Group, discovered that Nordaq FRESH improved the taste of, for example, fine wine, fish and cognac. Further tests confirmed this effect on taste, and news soon spread on the restaurant grapevine that FRESH water could guarantee food and wine tasted exactly as its chefs intended.

Top chefs from around the world beat a path to Paulina and Robert’s door, and the Nordaq FRESH story really began. Today it is the choice of hundreds of fine dining restaurants and five star hotels over the world, accompanying some of the planet’s finest food.