A Sustainable Solution

We created Nordaq FRESH with the ambition of offering a water of the highest quality and flavor, but which has a much lower environmental impact than bottled waters.

Traditional bottled waters have a huge negative impact on our environment, from the fossil fuels used in the production of the bottle and its transportation to the disposal of non-reusable, non-biodegradable bottles, often in landfill.

Nordaq FRESH water is bottled on-site using local tap water, which is purified as it passes through our patented filter system. The water is cooled and served in our beautiful glass bottles, which can be used again and again.

The system can, of course, also carbonate the filtered water so it can be served still or sparkling according to taste. No plastic bottles, no trucks moving heavy crates. Just pure, clean, fresh water exactly the way your customers love it.

Many of the world’s best hotels and restaurants serve Nordaq FRESH. It is a water for people who never compromise on quality, and who choose sustainable alternatives.